Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Oscar" pizza design reveled!

The pizza designers are in and the tally has been completed.  One note for next year, never, never do this on a empty stomach.
This year a first has happened.  Never in the one year contest has a tie between two designed pizzas has happened. So without further delay and waiting for the stupid music play at the end of each "Thank You" speech we announce the winners and 1 honorable mention.
The Winners are:
Virginia Williams- Hawaiian Spam Pizza from "The Decedents"

Paria Amini- Thin Crust Pizza from "War Horse"

and the honorable mention to: Dennis Roberts- Lavender Pizza from "Midnight in Paris"

Thanks to everyone that entered.  If you ever want to try your own pizza at home you can purchase dough from us and fix it the way you like.

Following is the recipe for the winners and honorable mention.
Both winner will receive a $30 gift certificate and a free XLG PIZZA with the possibility of another $20 gift certificate if their movie wins best picture.

Honorable mention will receive a $20 gift certificate.

CO-WINNER: Virginia Williams- Haywain Spam Pizza.
Virginia is from Hawaii going back often.  She used items that she loved in Hawaii and added it the pizza. Toppings: Spam, Mango Chutney, Sweet Red Bell Peppers, Red Onions, garlic and Feta Cheese.

CO-WINNER: Paria Amini: Thin Crust "War Horse"
Not only is the pizza very good but also she gave a very compelling reason why it is a "War Horse" pizza. The Pizza is made on a thin crust pizza with caramelized onions and goat cheese then baked.  As it comes our you add prosciutto and basil.

Her reason:
The film I have chosen to highlight is "War Horse."

Basil: Basil comes from the Greek word basileus, which means "king." This represents how Joey stands out from other horses, and how, as the movie states, is a "miraculous kind of horse," unlike any other.

Goat Cheese: The long history of goat cheese reflects the journey Joey is on and the many places he goes.

Caramelized Onion: The caramelized onions symbolize the blend of the bitter and sweet elements of the story.

Prosciutto: The process to make prosciutto is very exact. There is a specific process the meat must undergo and an intricate aging method. In the same way, Albert's beautiful friendship with Joey is special, and took time and effort to cultivate.

HONORABLE MENTION: Dennis Roberts.  Unfortunately fresh figs are not in season but this is one we have to keep in mind for the summer!.  This is a pizza for "Midnight in Paris". A pizza skin is layered with Fresh Mozzarella and sliced figs, lavender and honey.

This is a late night pizza that leaves you wishing that you were sitting at an outdoor cafe in Paris, with the street scenes and aromas of the city enveloping you and your lover.

Thanks again for all those that entered!

"Great Food, Great Friends, Great Times"
Diana and Al Vallorz
Tony & Alba's Pizza and Pasta

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Acts of Pizza

At Tony & Alba's, Diana and I have committed to our community.  We have been blessed.

We have started a program to help needy family at least for a day.  It is our "RANDOM ACTS OF PIZZA" (RAP) program. Following is the reason and description of our program and the future of the growth of this program.

Do you remember when you were younger (some of us take a longer time to remember) and on a special occasion such as a birthday or an accomplishment you went out to celebrate usually for a pizza dinner?  This program brings that opportunity to the needy families that want to celebrate those occasion but do not have the funds.  It gives them a chance for a couple of hours to put away the tough day and have fun as a family celebrating a birthday, a good report card or a special event on the sports fields.

The program is such.  A customer purchases a $10 certificate for a needy family. This gives the family an extra large pizza, salad, drinks and dessert.  Tony & Alba's will make up the difference.  The certificates are given to local organizations to disperse to families that they know are needy and could use the certificates.  The families come in and use the certificates when they want to celebrate a dinner out together for whatever reason.

We hope that we can expand this program to other Pizza restaurants in the bay reach more needy families.  Currently we give the certificates to St. Martin of Tours food box program and their St. Vincent de Paul program.  They help the local families around our Stevens Creek store.

Hopefully we can expand it to other types of restaurants and change it to "Random Acts of Dining".  We could obtain tickets from movie theaters , local and college play houses or other social events and package it with the dinners.  This would give the family a complete entertaining night out.

So the next time you stop by Tony & Alba's Pizza and Pasta on Stevens Creek think about the RAP program.

Conscience decision, happy endings.
Diana and Al Vallorz
Tony & Alba's Pizza and Pasta